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Temporary court orders for time leading up to final divorce

Divorce is typically an emotional process, whether filed in Texas or any other state. Unfortunately, it is not something that can be arranged overnight, regardless of how amicable it is. There will be months -- and in some cases, years -- of living in limbo, and arrangements must be made for the interim period. Divorcing spouses must deal with legal and financial matters until the finalization of a divorce settlement.

The court can issue a temporary court order with defined rules to deal with child-related issues, mortgage payments and more. The order will specify temporary child custody or parenting arrangements, along with visitation plans and child support. Also, provision for the children's health insurance will be addressed and who will be responsible for the costs of extracurricular activities. The court may also order the children to see a therapist.

The court will review the income and expenses of both parents, along with the property they own. The order may dictate who will live in the family residence, maintain the property, and whether one or both spouses will pay the mortgage payments. The division of household items may be specified, along with how the use of vehicles will be arranged. Furthermore, it will define responsibility for the vehicle payments, utility bills, credit card debts and other ongoing financial obligations.

It might not be necessary for such an order to be issued by the court if the couple can come to mutual agreements on these issues. However, it might not be a good idea to rely on verbal agreements. To ensure the interests of the parents and children are protected, it might be wise for both spouses to seek the support and guidance of their respective Texas divorce attorneys who can facilitate negotiations and ensure they establish a valid temporary agreement that might even lead to a final settlement.

Source:, "What Issues Are Covered in Temporary Divorce Court Orders?", Cathy Meyer, Feb. 2, 2018

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