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Experts weigh in with their divorce tips

Ending a marriage has the potential to be a very trying ordeal, depending on the individuals involved and the circumstances. In fact, the only event more stressful than getting a divorce is having a loved one die, according to the Journal of Health and Social Behavior. However, a divorce in Texas does not necessarily have to be this way.

Once a couple decides to move forward with divorce, the end result may be achieved with much less stress, worry and emotional trauma, provided a process is created that is advantageous to all of the parties involved. Experts stress that when children are involved, communication that is both civil and honest between the parents is essential. One suggestion is for the parents to use online calendar tools, such as iCal or Google Calendar, that will allow one parent to create a schedule that the other parent can subscribe to, which amounts to the ex remaining connected to his or her children's lives while saving the parents from having to have unnecessary conversations.

Another helpful step to aid in ensuring a divorce goes smoothly is for both individuals to assess their respective finances. This is as simple as listing all assets and debts in advance of setting up a meeting with a financial or legal expert. Determine the equity of any and all domestic, marital, and premarital property. Make a list of every retirement account, as well as undisclosed monies.

Even the most amicable of divorces can have the potential to bring hidden emotional problems to the surface. Those difficulties may increase exponentially if the divorce is contentious, especially when children are involved. It is crucial that a concerned parent have an experienced Texas divorce attorney by his or her side. As a personal advocate, the skilled attorney will protect parental rights and seek agreeable outcomes to unresolved issues while keeping children's best interests at heart.

Source:, "22 Divorce Experts Share What They've Learned About Divorce", Jan. 15, 2017

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