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Study finds correlation between pornography use and divorce

There are several situations that are believed to lead married couples in Texas to throwing in the towel. Whether the spark had fizzled from the relationship, there were unresolved conflicts or financial problems, there are many ways that a marriage may end in a divorce. A recent study took a look at one activity that may begin to pave the way to an increased probability of divorce for those who engage in it.

A new study found a correlation between beginning use of pornography and a considerable increase in the chance of divorce. This increase was found to be significantly larger for women. It was found that pornography use almost doubled a person's likelihood of becoming divorced -- from 6 percent to 11 percent -- while that likelihood almost tripled in women, rising from 6 to 16 percent, according to the study's lead author.

The results suggest that when pornography is viewed under some social situations, its use could potentially lead to marital stability being negatively affected. The study collected data from several thousand American adults, who were interviewed at least three times regarding both their uses of pornography and their marital status every two years from 2006-2014. In addition to the main findings, the study showed that the younger an individual was when he or she began to watch pornography, the greater the probability that the individual would become divorced in the following survey wave.

No matter what may have lead to a couple's divorce, it is typical for conflict and emotional trauma to ensue. This is especially true when children are involved. For these reasons, it is considered prudent that any individual considering getting a divorce speak with an experienced Texas divorce attorney, who can not only inform the individual of his or her legal options but also provide helpful legal guidance and protection of rights.

Source:, "Beginning pornography use associated with increase in probability of divorce", Aug. 22, 2106

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