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What divorce can and cannot do

When a Texas couple is contemplating a divorce, most have a general idea of what to expect. Due to its depiction in movies, television and literature, divorce has become a familiar idea in our culture. Nevertheless, actually facing the prospect of it is a different story.

In order to set realistic expectations, it is helpful to understand the realities of the process. As an overview, divorce can determine property division, which spells out which individual will get what when the divorce is finalized. Another aspect involves support obligations -- this may be child support and/or spousal support (also known as alimony). Finally, both child custody as well as visitation are determined in a divorce involving children who are minors -- this is decided by a court with the "best interests" of the children at the forefront of the judge's mind.

There are some aspects that divorce is not capable of guaranteeing. These include guaranteeing both equal and precise division, ensuring civil relations, maintaining an individual's standard of living and resolving emotional issues. Just as no two people or couples are the same, neither are any two divorces. As a result, an absolutely equal division of the couple's property -- as well as their time with children -- is rarely possible.

Divorce can be a very trying time for many Texas families. Between the stress of the decisions that must be made about day-to-day happenings and the legal proceedings, it can be downright exhausting and emotionally draining for all parties involved. Most choose not to go through the legal aspects alone, instead preferring to consult an experienced family law divorce attorney to ensure that the legal proceedings go smoothly while upholding one's best interests.

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