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Divorce: Charlie Sheen seeks child support modification

When the circumstances of a non-custodial parent change after a divorce, he or she may be unable to pay the court-ordered child support. Texas family laws allow individuals with financial restrictions following divorce to file motions to modify the amount of child support to be paid. The well-known former sitcom star, Charlie Sheen, recently filed such motions to request the lowering of child support to his two ex-wives.

It was reported that Sheen has been paying each of the mothers of his children $55,000 per month. However, since he is no longer involved in the Two and a Half Men sitcom, he claims his income has dropped from over $600,000 to under $90,000 per month. He also says that, prior to his announcement of his HIV status, he had paid $10 million to extortionists who threatened to reveal the fact that he was HIV positive.

Furthermore, the medication to control his medical condition allegedly costs approximately $25,000 per month after insurance. These were the reasons he gave the court to substantiate his claim that he could no longer afford to maintain the $110,000 child support payments. He reportedly filed the two sets of documents related to the separate motions two weeks apart.

Filing for child support modification is not uncommon, as Texas family courts understand that circumstances can change with relation to the paying parent's income and the receiving parent's needs as children grow older after a divorce. In cases in which communication with the other parent is difficult, it may be beneficial to retain the services of an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer can ensure that the necessary substantiating documents are presented to the court while advocating on behalf of a parent in pursuing modified child support that will be more appropriate.

Source:, "Charlie Sheen Files Court Documents Against Denise, Unable To Pay Child Support", Jessica Dafoe, March 16, 2016

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