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Things to consider in the time leading up to a divorce

January is known for the increased demand for divorces. Texas spouses who file for divorce in January may have postponed assertive action to avoid spoiling the holidays for loved ones, and they have likely had ample time to consider the consequences of a divorce. A marriage cannot be ended overnight, and both the spouse who wants to end the marriage and the one receiving the news of the intended filing may benefit from certain considerations before moving forward with the divorce.

This is typically an emotional time, and both spouses typically benefit by avoiding conflict, spiteful comments and hurtful remarks -- especially if there are children involved. Working on co-parenting can already start during this time, and although the parents will be ex-spouses after the divorce, they will never be ex-parents. For the children's protection, they must be kept out of the parental differences. It often makes sense to maintain the existing state of affairs and avoid making drastic financial or lifestyle changes such as taking a major trip or making firm commitments.

The family residence is likely to be one of the biggest assets, and unless the personal safety of a spouse or the children is on the line, moving out may be a disadvantage when it comes to the settlement process. Even if the divorce is amicable and spouses can negotiate mutual agreements, each spouse will want to seek the support of an experienced divorce attorney. Copies of important personal and financial documents can be left with the lawyer to safeguard and assess.

Each divorce is unique, and a Texas family law attorney can help to assess the client's circumstances and explain what can be expected as well as point out potential issues that might be contested during settlement negotiations. Keeping the lawyer informed of any incidents or changes related to the children or the other spouse will enable the attorney to better protect the client's interests and any children involved. In some cases, an attorney might suggest the services of a divorce mediator to facilitate negotiations on contentious issues.

Source: The Huffington Post, "10 Tips for Surviving the Post-Holiday Divorce Season", Joslin Davis, Jan. 14, 2016

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