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For some couples mediation is the ideal way to divorce

It is not uncommon for Texas couples who agree that their marriage is over to put off filing for divorce only because they are not prepared for the bitter arguments and lack of confidentiality often associated with litigated divorces. However, those who agree that that is not what they want may be the ideal candidates for divorce mediation. It is a process in which a marriage can be dissolved without the need to go to court, except for the final divorce decree.

Divorce mediation involves a qualified neutral mediator who is experienced in facilitating negotiation by encouraging communication and also compromise when necessary. Neither spouse will be at a disadvantage because their respective attorneys can provide valuable input and support throughout the mediation process and the drafting of the final divorce agreement. It is a platform for negotiating any issues that may arise, and although these are typically related to property division, child custody, parenting and visitation plans, and spousal support, any contentious matters may be put on the table.

Mediated divorces are typically concluded in a much shorter time than litigated divorces, and all sessions are confidential. Furthermore, none of the decisions that will impact the post-divorce lives of parents and children will be left up to a judge. Some suggest that the negotiation skills learned during mediation served them well in later years when issues arose between ex-spouses and/or children.

However, Texas couples who are no longer able to communicate may find divorce mediation not to be suitable. After all, communication is the main ingredient for successful negotiation. Regardless of whether mediation or litigation is chosen to end a marriage, an experienced family law attorney can provide the necessary guidance and support to obtain an outcome that will be in the best interests of the client and his or her children.

Source:, "Divorce Discreetly: Is Mediation for You?", Accessed on Dec. 18, 2015

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