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Costs of pet care delay divorce of Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams

Just like every marriage has its unique dynamics, so does every divorce. Texas residents who take an interest in the lives of celebrities may wonder why the divorce of Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore is not moving forward. The couple made the announcement of their divorce back in January, and they are reportedly struggling to reach an agreement to address their unique concerns.

Although she is a successful singer and actress, the 31-year-old Mandy Moore has found it impossible to maintain the family home and care for the couple's eight pets. Mandy said that despite Ryan's contribution of half the insurance, property taxes and mortgage on their home, her current earnings are not sufficient to cover her expenses. One of the reasons is her responsibilities for the pets.

Moore reportedly had to reject a prior work obligation because she would have to travel, and due to her housekeeper's illness, she had to stay home to care for the pets. The 41-year-old Adams had apparently agreed to take care of two cats but had failed to do so as of the date of this report. Because Adams' income is reportedly about four times more than that of Moore, she is asking for spousal support. It is not mentioned whether the couple, who got married in 2009, had a prenuptial agreement.

Problems such as these can be anticipated and addressed in a prenuptial agreement. Although, couples may not foresee that they will end up with eight pets, a postnuptial agreement may take care of directives related to custody of the pets in the event of a divorce. Many pets in Texas are part of households in which they are as loved as children are in other families. More and more Texas couples ask their respective attorneys to address pet custody in prenuptial or postnuptial agreements to avoid contention in the event of a divorce.

Source:, "Mandy Moore Asks Ex Ryan Adams for Spousal Support, to Take Care of Pets", Jeff Nelson, Dec. 9, 2015

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