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Halle Berry adamant to avoid bitter child custody battle

While most Texas parents would love to have an amicable relationship, some couples find that conflicting personalities make them incompatible. A relationship may be even more challenged when the couple spends a significant amount of time away from each other. This is often the dilemma faced by couples who are involved in the film industry. One such couple is Halle Berry and her husband Olivier Martinez, who have decided to end their marriage, and both are adamant that their divorce will not involve a bitter child custody battle.

This is not unfamiliar ground for Halle Berry, whose divorce from her previous husband ended in such a battle over their daughter, and this time she wants to spare their 2-year-old son the trauma. The couple filed for joint custody and is reportedly working on a custody arrangement and parenting plan that will be in the best interest of the children -- both their son and the little girl from Berry's previous marriage. Oliver Martinez reportedly wants a visitation plan in place that will allow him ample time with his son. Halle Berry reportedly petitioned the court to order that Martinez -- who is a citizen of a European country -- may not remove the child from their home state without her consent.

Matters such as spousal support and child support have not been addressed, and Berry requested no spousal support to be ordered for either parent. The couple has a prenuptial agreement that apparently covers the responsibilities of each party with regards to raising their child. Martinez is not quite as agreeable and wants spousal support to be addressed at a later stage. Child support cannot be dictated by a prenup, and a decision about it will be up to the court.

Some Texas couples who are concerned about the effect their divorce will have on their children choose to utilize the services of a professional divorce mediator. Mediation sessions will be completely confidential, and a neutral mediator will facilitate negotiations in which communication and compromise are the keys. Each spouse can be represented by an experienced divorce attorney who will contribute valuable advice and ensure all agreements related to child custody, spousal support and other divorce-related matters are addressed in a professional manner in accordance with state laws.

Source:, "Halle Berry Does Not Want Custody Battle, Seeks 'Easy and Amicable' Divorce from Olivier Martinez", Jodi Guglielmi, Oct. 29, 2015

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