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How can an attorney assist me during divorce negotiations?

Some Texas couples who are considering filing for divorce believe that they can handle their own divorces without the guidance and support of an attorney. Unfortunately, the chances of future disagreements and contention that can ultimately lead to litigation are significantly increased by one's own navigation of a divorce. Do-it-yourself divorces cannot possibly cater to the fact that each divorce is unique and has to deal with the unique dynamics of each family, and even each member of the family.

Retaining the services of an experienced divorce attorney does not mean the case will be litigated in court. With the guidance of a divorce mediator, collaborative mutual agreements can be reached on all issues, leaving only the final authorization of the divorce agreement to the court. Each spouse can be supported by their respective attorneys during mediation, and after assessing their clients' circumstances, each attorney will likely have a good idea of what their client should be getting out of the divorce.

However, this is all about the clients, and it is up to them to share their expectations and needs with their respective attorneys. The lawyer may want what is best for the client, but he or she will also understand that different things are important to different people. While some will be mostly concerned about monetary assets, others may only be interested in emotional and sentimental assets. There is no limit to issues that can be discussed during these negotiations.

Along with considering your wishes, and supporting you during negotiations, your attorney is your legal counselor and will ensure that all decisions are appropriate under Texas laws. Any wishes that are unrealistic, unlawful or unreasonable will be pointed out. If you are about to consent to something that may be detrimental to your future, your attorney can explain the reason to reconsider before giving in. However, the ultimate decisions will be made by you, and your wishes will prevail. Only if an attorney is fully informed of your wishes for the future, can he or she help you to achieve a satisfactory divorce settlement.

Source:, "Negotiate smarter: How to get the most out of your attorney", Gail Saukas, Aug. 25, 2015

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