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Child support payments can be streamlined for Texas parents

Issues surrounding child support can be significant for divorcing Texas parents of minors. There are many questions that often come up during discussions of how the child support payments will be distributed: how much should be paid, how will the money be earmarked to ensure it goes to the child, how can one ensure the money will be allocated appropriately to meet all the necessary obligations to the child, among other issues. Though these conversations can be difficult to have, their collective outcome does not have to mean a monthly standoff between divorcing spouses.

In fact, there are many ways that legal representatives and other professionals who specialize in helping clients deal with child support arrangements can facilitate healthier methods to exchange monies for an offspring's benefits. One is through garnishment of wages, whereby a specified amount goes directly from one person's paycheck into the recipient's account. This system takes place automatically and is reliable as long as the person paying child support remains employed. It also reduces the feeling that one parent has to play the uncomfortable role of bill collector.

Another method of avoiding face-to-face delivery of child support monies between divorcing parties, especially divorcing parties who are feuding, is by utilizing special online platforms. These platforms allow one parent to place monies in a special account for the other parent's benefit. Not only do these sophisticated platforms enable adults to be able to keep track of how much money has been exchanged, but it may also enable reporting so it is clear that the finances have been used appropriately.

The bottom line is that the topic of child support does not have to become a lingering sore spot. Parents seeking a divorce in Texas simply have to realize that they have alternatives when it comes to delivering and receiving child support funds. After a system has been put into place, it can always be adjusted if needed with the consent of both parties as well as the courts, if necessary. The end goal is for the children to have the resources to which they are entitled by law.

Source:, "Child Support Doesn't Have To Create Family Stress", Geri Stengel, June 17, 2015

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