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Post-divorce mediation can avoid costly litigation

Many divorced couples in Texas have experienced the advantages of mediation. Knowing that both spouses played a part in the negotiations and the decision-making process during divorce mediation empowers ex-spouses going forward. However, there are likely to be post-divorce issues to address, especially if there are children involved.

Although mediation often equips couples to weather the day-to-day storms related to minor disputes after a divorce, they may encounter issues that would best be resolved through post-divorce mediation to determine what would be in the best interests of the children. Substantial changes in the incomes of parents, along with the changing needs of children as they grow older, may need one or both parents to seek child support modification. A mediator will assist in the recalculation of child support to present to the court for approval.

There may be a time when a modification to child custody and visitation agreements may have to be considered. For example, when one parent wants to relocate, custody arrangements may need adjusting. Also, an initial custody order may allow a baby to spend most of the time with the mother, but as the child grows older, the father may ask for more parenting time. With a mediator's help, a plan can be drafted that is adaptable and will accommodate most changing circumstances.

Texas parents who have benefited from divorce mediation may be able to use what they learned to address future issues. However, verbal agreements are not binding and must be avoided. To avoid costly and traumatic litigation in the future, the assistance of experienced divorce attorneys may be invaluable. A lawyer will guide clients through the legal proceedings to ensure verbal agreements are documented in a manner that will hold up in court.

Source:, "When You Might Need Mediation After Divorce", Cris Pastore, Accessed on June 24, 2015

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