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Custody disputes and legal issues that involve divorce and children often place added stress on families. Children are undoubtedly affected by disputes, including ones that involve claims of parental alienation. The Woodlands divorce attorneys at Vernier & Associates, PLLC, have significant experience advocating for clients in complex custody disputes. We are creative thinkers and strategic problem solvers who look at all options before pursuing an outcome. We keep our clients informed at all times and make certain we explain the legal procedures involved in the situation they are facing.

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Parental Alienation In Texas

When significant arguments or challenges arise in a custody case or another case that involves children, the courts may consider whether one parent has alienated a child and look at the repercussions that parental alienation could have in the upbringing of the child or children. If it is determined that parental alienation has occurred, the courts may consider certain remedies and make certain decisions based on the findings.

At Vernier & Associates, PLLC, we offer guidance and support for our clients who are facing legal issues that involve the possibility of parental alienation. We advocate for those claiming parental alienation as well as defend those accused of it. Our lawyers understand what factors the courts will consider and how the decision will affect issues involving children, including custody and visitation.

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