Family Violence And Protective Orders In The Woodlands, Texas

Physical assaults or threats of violence should not be tolerated. Our firm can obtain orders protecting you or your child from domestic violence. A protective order prevents a violent family member or acquaintance from coming to your home or office, or anywhere near you or your children. A protective order can protect against child abduction, prevent a threatening person from purchasing a gun, and even stop a threatening person from calling, writing or contacting you in any way.

A protective order differs from a restraining order in that a protective order is enforced criminally rather than civilly. That is, any violation of a protective order is a crime which can result in arrest and confinement.

Our managing attorney, Ruth Lavada Vernier, is an active and respected member of the Houston-region legal community. Our attorneys have decades of litigation experience, and possess the expertise to quickly obtain orders protecting you or your child from a threatening person. If you or your child suffers domestic violence, or is threatened with violence, please do not hesitate to contact our The Woodlands office at 281-882-3271, or reach us here. Our lawyers serve clients throughout the Houston region and across the state of Texas.