Divorce Involving Professional Practices & Businesses

Are you a business owner facing divorce? If you own a professional practice, or if you and your spouse own a business together, you should seek representation from a skilled and experienced divorce attorney. At the North Houston law office of Vernier & Associates, PLLC, we can assist you with the many steps involved in valuing and dividing a business in divorce. We work with experts in a variety of areas who provide fact-based information that is useful in working toward the equitable distribution of property. We will also take steps to ensure that your business operations will not be affected by legal proceedings.

Our law firm represents dentists, doctors, lawyers and other professional practice business owners. We understand the various issues that arise when dividing a professional practice and are skilled at addressing disputes that arise during the process.

Understanding Community Property Division

A business that was started during the marriage will likely be considered community property. Similarly, if a business was started by either spouse before marriage, but grew during the marriage, part of that business may be considered community property. Community property is subject to property division in Texas.

Addressing Tax Issues Associated With Property Division

We are also skilled at identifying and addressing tax issues that arise when dividing a business in divorce. We have a network of skilled and neutral experts that we frequently work with in these types of cases, including tax experts, accountants, business valuators, appraisers and others.

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