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Assets may accrue or deplete in wealth over the course of a marriage. During the divorce process, making certain that your assets are protected is an important step that must be taken. You need assistance from an experienced lawyer to be certain that you receive the share of the assets that you deserve and that your rights are protected.

At Vernier & Associates, PLLC, we are committed to helping our clients navigate through the complex steps involved in divorce. We represent a wide range of clientele throughout Texas, including business owners, executives and individuals with large estates.

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Dividing Assets And Uncovering Hidden Assets — The Woodlands Divorce Attorney

Over the years, our attorneys have worked with a broad range of clientele in divorce cases. We understand how to approach cases with large estates and take a very thorough approach to both examining all types of assets and uncovering hidden assets. We have strong partnerships with financial and business experts who can assist in the process of dividing property. We have handled complex property division cases that have involved vacation homes, multiple real property, family-owned businesses and more. We can help with all aspects of dividing assets and debts, including division of retirement accounts.

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