Complex Property Division

Effective Legal Solutions For Complex Divorce Cases

Marriage creates a marital estate which must be divided upon divorce. Some marital estates can become quite complex, especially when spouses own valuable property, a business or other assets. At Vernier & Associates, PLLC, we have the resources needed to value and divide complex estates. To find out more, contact our firm to speak with a complex property division attorney.

Complex Property Division In Divorce

We handle the following complex property division matters in divorce:

We understand that our role is to be your trusted adviser on all matters related to the rebuilding of a better future. Our managing attorney, Ruth Lavada Vernier, has extensive experience in complex divorce matters, and will assemble all the necessary resources to protect your rights, preserve your assets and create a complete strategy for pursuing your interests.

Our family law firm has built a powerful network of expert accountants, appraisers, investigators, mental health professionals and other experts specializing in domestic matters. The connections our lawyers have with the best specialists in the Houston region enable us to skillfully handle even the most complex family matters.

Contact A Marital Property And Divorce Settlement Attorney In The Woodlands

Whether your marital estate is large or small, simple or complex, our firm has the experience and expertise to secure for you a just division. To schedule an appointment, call a North Houston complex property division attorney today at 281-882-3271, or reach us here. From our offices in The Woodlands, we serve clients throughout the Houston region and across the state of Texas.