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Presumed Paternity
Generally speaking, a man is presumed to be the father of a child if he and the mother were married, or attempted to marry, in the year or so surrounding the child's birth. Also, generally speaking, a man is presumed to be the father of a child if he resides with the child, and publicly calls the child his own.

Paternity Suits
A dispute as to a child's paternity may necessitate a paternity suit. The court may order genetic testing; and, if the alleged father refuses to submit to testing, his refusal is grounds for a finding that he is the child's father. Parents must bring paternity suits promptly. The court is reluctant to address paternity issues much beyond a child's infancy; and, depending on the situation, will refuse to address such issues at all beyond ages three or five.

The Parent-Child Relationship
Parents of a child born out of wedlock may not agree on matters of custody, visitation, support, residence, religion, education or health care. In such a situation, custody and visitation orders, whether negotiated or litigated, are needed. Such orders are precisely the same as those obtained by parents who were married, but then divorced. Our firm has the expert knowledge and experience to help you establish the legal framework needed for a healthy and peaceful family life.

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