Modification Of Child Custody, Visitation And Support

Effective Counsel For Changing Situations

A change in your or your child's circumstances may necessitate a modification of the terms of child custody, visitation or support. The law provides for such modifications, but requires a parent to first show a "material and substantial change" in the circumstances of a parent or child. Other prerequisites apply if a modification of custody orders is sought sooner than a year after their making. At Vernier & Associates, PLLC, our lawyers possess the experience and expertise to guide you through the modification process, and establish healthy and workable custody, visitation and support arrangements.

Our attorneys provide guidance in cases involving:

  • Unemployment or diminished wages
  • Relocations
  • Parental neglect
  • Children in dangerous or unhealthy environments
  • Abuse
  • Drug or alcohol use

We have expertly handled numerous, complex modification proceedings, and can help you with a modification, no matter how simple or complex. We match experience and expertise with strong and personal support to help you through even the most difficult family matter. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 281-882-3271, or reach us here. From our offices in The Woodlands, our lawyers serve clients throughout the Houston region and across the state of Texas.